Livestream Part 2: The future of energy management - digital twins for sustainable solutions

Modern, decentralized energy systems are a highly complex matter. Planning them optimally and cost-efficiently is a major challenge for energy planners. How can energy flows be orchestrated at the district level so that energy is available exactly where - and when - it is needed across seasons?

Moreover, how can entire cities be planned to support energy efficiency? Empa researchers are investigating these questions and researching on digital solutions. This second part of our live stream focuses on projects at district and city levels and presents how energy management can be optimized with the help of digital technologies.

  • Sympheny, an Empa spin-off, has developed software that helps planners to "compose" the appropriate energy concept for a building, a district or even an entire city. The software is based on a combination of digital twin technology and intelligent algorithms.
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  • Cooling Singapore is a multidisciplinary research project dedicated to find solutions to the urban heat challenge in Singapore. As a result of the project, a Digital Urban Climate Twin (DUCT), is expected to support decision-making by prioritizing strategies through environmental, economic and social performance scores.
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Josien de Koning, Sympheny Kristina Orehounig, Empa Michael Hagmann, Empa (Moderator)


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