Digital Day 2021

The fifth edition of the Swiss Digital Day will take place on 10 November 2021 and Empa is pleased to be part of it. The Digital Day will be introduced by a 6-week program of exciting events discussing digitalization. We will present some of our projects, starting 23 October 2021.

You are kindly invited to join us and learn more about our research!

Our Events: 


23 October 2021

13.30 hrs.


Game workshop 

PostfossilCities: The virtual game on future climate-neutral cities

The game workshop will take place at the Empa St. Gallen

28 October 2021

14.30 hrs.


Live stream 

A sustainable future with "living" machines

Collaborative drones: How physical artificial intelligence will shape our interaction with robots

2 November 2021

14.00 hrs.


Live stream 

Vision test for autonomous cars

Autonomous driving: Does your car see well enough?

8 November 2021

13.15 hrs.

Live stream

A digital twin in the kitchen: Keeping fruit and veggies fresh with your cell phone


The Digital Day is an initiative by digitalswitzerland