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Robotics exhibition at the opening event in Bern

What will intelligent, nature-inspired robots of the future look like? And above all: how do we develop such robots? Empa's Materials and Technology Center for Robotics does just that: novel, nature-inspired soft robotics systems for infrastructure maintenance and environmental monitoring.
Date: September 5th, 2022
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GreenTech startup battle: viboo wins semi-finals!

Empa spin-off viboo is introducing a technology that can reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 20 to 40 percent - using a combination of machine learning methods and in-depth knowledge of building physics.
Date: September 22nd, 2022
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Livestream Part I: The future of energy management - predictive heating controllers and smart juggling of energy flows

Either too hot or too cold: Maintaining the perfect desired temperature in buildings is a challenge.

Conventional heating controls usually react only when it is too late, and then all the more aggressively. For example, a room continues to be heated during the day despite strong sunlight, or a drop in temperature at night is compensated for too slowly. This costs energy and ultimately, money. In view of the current energy crisis, many questions arise: How can heating or cooling be done as efficiently and sustainably as possible? How can renewable energy sources and efficient storage technologies be seamlessly integrated into our energy system, and how can we achieve dynamic interaction between a wide range of technologies, which is ultimately crucial for a sustainable energy future?

Empa researchers are exploring these questions and researching on digital solutions. This first part of our live stream presents two projects at the building and district levels, showing how digital technologies can be used to optimize energy management.

  • viboo, an Empa spin-off, has developed a self-learning algorithm that regulates the indoor climate in a predictive manner. This allows buildings to be cooled or heated more efficiently, saving up to a third of energy.
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  • ehub, Empa's energy demonstrator, combines a variety of technologies for generating, converting, transporting and storing energy with the goal of optimizing energy management from the component to the district level.
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Livestream Part 2: The future of energy management - digital twins for sustainable solutions

Modern, decentralized energy systems are a highly complex matter. Planning them optimally and cost-efficiently is a major challenge for energy planners. How can energy flows be orchestrated at the district level so that energy is available exactly where - and when - it is needed across seasons?

Moreover, how can entire cities be planned to support energy efficiency? Empa researchers are investigating these questions and researching on digital solutions. This second part of our live stream focuses on projects at district and city levels and presents how energy management can be optimized with the help of digital technologies.

  • Sympheny, an Empa spin-off, has developed software that helps planners to "compose" the appropriate energy concept for a building, a district or even an entire city. The software is based on a combination of digital twin technology and intelligent algorithms.
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  • Cooling Singapore is a multidisciplinary research project dedicated to find solutions to the urban heat challenge in Singapore. As a result of the project, a Digital Urban Climate Twin (DUCT), is expected to support decision-making by prioritizing strategies through environmental, economic and social performance scores.
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Livestreams 2021


At the Swiss Digital Day 2021, we gave an insight into the digital science developed at Empa in various livestreams on Empa's YouTube channel. Here you can find the full videos of the live streamed sessions.

A sustainable future with "living" machines

Collaborative drones: How physical artificial intelligence will influence our interaction with robots

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Vision test for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous driving: Does your car see well enough?

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A digital twin in the kitchen

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