A digital twin in the kitchen: Keeping fruit and veggies fresh with your cell phone

2.8 million tons of food per year are already being wasted before they land on Swiss dinner plates - and that doesn't have to be this way. Broken down on each and every one of us, this means that 20 kilos of fresh veggies, around 3.5 kilos of fresh fruit and over 8 kilos of exotic fruit and berries go straight into our trash bins. Empa researchers have now developed an app to prevent food waste. The app is based on a digital twin that allows predictions about the shelf life of food.

In our live stream, Empa researchers Kanaha Shoji and Jörg Schemminger demonstrate the app and, at the same time, dispel one or two kitchen myths. In the Innovation Room at Empa in St. Gallen, the audience will take a quiz. Streaming viewers can compete against our live audience. But beware! As budding chefs, our guests are experts in the field!

Join us for this virtual event on digitalization in the kitchen and the possibility of avoiding food waste with an app. We cordially invite all those of you for whom freshness and a sustainable approach to foodstuff are dear to their heart. The program will be hosted by Michael Hagmann, Head of Communications at Empa.

More info: https://www.empa.ch/web/simbiosys/apps/myfruittwin


When:       8 November 2021 at 13.15 hrs.

Channel:   Empa's YouTube channel at  EmpaChannel

Who:          Kanaha Shoji, Scientist, Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles

                    Jörg Schemminger, Scientist, Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles 

                   Michal Hagmann, Head of Communications



Andrea Six ()

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Kanaha Shoji, Scientist, Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles
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Jörg Schemminger, Scientist, Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles
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Digital Day 2021

The fifth edition of the Swiss Digital Day will take place on 10 November 2021 and Empa is pleased to be part of it. The Digital Day will be introduced by a 6-week program of exciting events discussing digitalization. We will present some of our projects, starting 23 October 2021.

You are kindly invited to join us and learn more about our research!

Our Events: 


23 October 2021

13.30 hrs.


Game workshop 

PostfossilCities: The virtual game on future climate-neutral cities

The game workshop will take place at the Empa St. Gallen

28 October 2021

14.30 hrs.


Live stream 

A sustainable future with "living" machines

Collaborative drones: How physical artificial intelligence will shape our interaction with robots

2 November 2021

14.00 hrs.


Live stream 

Vision test for autonomous cars

Autonomous driving: Does your car see well enough?

8 November 2021

13.15 hrs.

Live stream

A digital twin in the kitchen: Keeping fruit and veggies fresh with your cell phone


The Digital Day is an initiative by digitalswitzerland





Vision test for autonomous cars

Autonomous driving: Does your car see well enough?

Cars that autonomously and safely navigate from A to B are expected to be a common sight in just a few years from now. But road approval is still a long way off. One crucial aspect: How can we tell a self-driving car has become "blind" with age, i.e., its sensors would need to be replaced? Empa researcher Miriam Elser and her team are looking for solutions.

For the Swiss Digital Day, the researchers will take us for a ride in a specially equipped Lexus RX-450h, which makes its rounds on a 180-meter course on the Empa campus for this research project. The Empa team is thus investigating how the sensors work under different environmental conditions, what data they collect and when they make mistakes – or even fail entirely. You can find more information here.

Join us live on Tuesday, 2 November from 14:00-14:30 to learn more about what and how autonomous driving cars can actually "see". During the live stream, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the researchers via chat.


When:       2 November 2021 at 14.00 hrs.

Channel:   Empa's YouTube channel at  EmpaChannel

Who:          Miriam Elser, Group Leader Vehicle System

                   Michal Hagmann, Head of Communications



Annina Schneider ()

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Miriam Elser, Group Leader Vehicle System
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A Sustainable Future with "Living" Machines

Collaborative Drones: How Physical Artificial Intelligence will Shape our Interaction with Robots

Drones, as we know them today, are not equipped to perform everyday tasks or to interact with complex environments. At least not yet. Safety is still an issue, mainly when interacting with humans and natural outdoor environments. So, what is missing and how do our scientists propose to bridge this gap?

The key word is "Physical Artificial Intelligence", a terminology coined by scientists at our  «Materials and Technology Center of Robotics». The center, led by Mirko Kovac, explores the physical counterpart of digital artificial intelligence: the composition of robots' bodies, morphology and materials, which is pivotal in developing a fully functional robot. Or, in our case, drones that will be capable of living in the forest, in lakes or around infrastructure systems.

In the framework of this year's Swiss Digital Day we will discuss the future of our cohabitation with intelligent robots. On 28 October 2021 Mirko Kovac will join us for a livestreamed coffee session, hosted by Michael Hagmann, Head of Communications at Empa.

Tune in and share your thoughts, you will also get to see our drones in action!

And: We are interested in your questions! Drop us a line (or two) at  oder chatten Sie live mit uns!


When:          28 October 2021 at 14.30 hrs.

Channel:      Empa's YouTube channel at EmpaChannel 

Who:            Mirko Kovac, Head of Empa's Materials and Technology Center of Robotics

                     Michal Hagmann, Head of Communications


About the Materials and Technology Centre of Robotics

The center is based on an institutional partnership between Imperial College London and the Empa. Research thrusts include aerial robotics platform development, soft robotics, material science and digital infrastructure systems. 



Maria Lucia Hijar ()

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Mirko Kovac, Head of Empa's Materials and Technology Center of Robotics
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Das Spiel zur klimaneutralen Stadt der Zukunft


Das Spiel

Das computergestützte Simulationsspiel «PostfossilCities» bietet einen Experimentierraum, in dem die Transformation zu einer klimaneutralen, postfossilen Gesellschaft erprobt werden kann. Die Teilnehmenden schlüpfen in sieben Rollen und erkunden dabei gemeinsam die Herausforderungen auf dem Weg in die klimaneutrale Zukunft: Welche Massnahmen sind prioritär und müssen sofort angepackt werden? Sollen diese im Alleingang oder mit Allianzen umgesetzt werden? Die Zeit läuft unerbittlich und die Modellresultate zeigen fortlaufend, ob man auf Kurs ist oder nicht.

In der Reflexions- und Transferphase werden spezifische Aspekte vertieft. Es geht darum, die Wirksamkeit von Massnahmen einschätzen zu lernen, und das Erlebte im Hinblick auf die praktische Anwendung im eigenen Wirkungsfeld zu konkretisieren.



Der Anlass findet im Zeitraum der sechswöchigen Vorphase des Schweizer Digitaltags (29.09. – 10.11.2021) statt. Unter der Fragstellung Wie kann uns die Digitalisierung helfen, das Netto Null Ziel bis ins Jahr 2050 zu erreichen? können die Teilnehmenden mit ihren Ideen an der City Challenge der Stadt St.Gallen teilnehmen.
Mehr Informationen dazu finden sich unter: https://partizipieren.stadt.sg.ch/de/city-challenge-202



Andreas Gerber, Empa

Markus Ulrich, UCS Ulrich Creative Simulations


Allgemeine Information

Online-Registrierung (erforderlich): www.empa-akademie.ch/postfossilcities
maximal 30 Teilnehmende

Anmeldeschluss: 19. Oktober 2021

Covid-Massnahmen: Für den Anlass gilt Zertifikats- und Maskenpflicht (kann sich je nach Situation ändern)



Empa, Andreas Gerber

Telefon: +41 58 765 74 88

E-Mail: andreas.gerber@empa.ch

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